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Links to articles, reports & interviews addressing the environmental, human rights territorial defense struggles that Rights Action is involved with in Guatemala & Honduras.

Two main aspects of Rights Action’s work

  • We funds Indigenous and non-Indigenous community groups in Guatemala and Honduras involved in these, and other environment, territorial and human rights defense struggles;
  • We support education and activism work in the U.S. and Canada focusing on how our governments, companies and investors, and global institutions we control (ex: World Bank) contribute to and benefit from the environmental degradation, repression and human rights violations our partner groups are suffering from and resisting.


Rights Action Newsletters

Central American Punching Bag: The Pathological cycle of U.S. & Canadian policies in Honduras & Guatemala

April 2018,

What’s going on? It is probably linked to the unjust global economy, in the unjust nation state system

September 2018,

The U.S. & Canada are helping produce refugee flight from Honduras & Guatemala

December 2018,

Trying Times, Again: Guatemala & Honduras crisis response fund

March 2019,



Asylum seeking, forced migrants crisis in U.S. jails: Pathological, brutal & repetitive human inequality & injustice at play

By Grahame Russell, June 22, 2019,

Before you ask them to respect our borders, ask yourself: Has the West ever respected anyone’s borders?

By Suketu Mehta, June 7, 2019, New York Times,

Estimated 250,000 Hondurans & Guatemalans to be apprehended at U.S. border this year

by Kate Linthicum, May 22, 2019, Los Angeles Times,

Will the U.S. pay reparations to survivors of 1000s of victims of the 1989 “operation just (be)cause” invasion of Panama?



Honduras: Mass protests continue against repressive, corrupt, military-backed regime of Juan Orlando Hernandez

TeleSUR interview, Grahame Russell, Rights Action, June 2, 2019,

Ashamed to be Canadian: Corruption, Fear, Humiliation and Militarization in Honduras

June 5, 2019, by Janet Spring, mother-in-law of Honduran political prisoner Edwin Espinal,

Honduran Presidents linked to drug-trafficking & money laundering, since U.S. & Canadian-backed coup ousted Honduras’ last democratic government

June 3, 2019,

More ‘legal system’ persecution against Miriam Miranda, a Garifuna land defender, linked to Canadian tourism operators & World Bank-funded African palm producers in Honduras

To bury ones dead in Honduras is resistance to U.S. company Aura Minerals

April 16, 2019,

Public letter: Misleading statements by Chrystia Freeland (Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs) about political prisoner Edwin Espinal & the human rights situation in Honduras

April 11, 2019,

Berta Caceres: Who She Is & What She Lived For

By Grahame Russell, March 2, 2019,

Floresmira Lopez & the dead v. Aura Minerals & the Honduran regime

April 16, 2018,

Goldcorp’s “Valley of Despair” in Honduras: Another Canadian mining story from around the world

Contracorriente article, April 2018 (& Rights Action letter),

89 bodies dug up by Aura Minerals, Canadian company in Honduras, to get at more gold

By Rights Action, February 14, 2018,

Electoral fraud, repression and killings in Honduras, but don’t write letters of protest to the regime

Dec.12, 2017, by Grahame Russell,

“Little Canada” Honduras Neocolonists Denounce Garifuna Defenders

By WilderUtopia,

Last Resort: More Than Two Centuries After Settling In Honduras, The Garifuna People Are Still Fighting For A Place To Raise Their Families

Photos: Susan Meiselas, by Sarah Kinosian,

Canada Is Not Honduras’ Friend: Coups, Repression and Profits

RadioFree Winnipeg interview, Nov. 5, 2016, with Grahame Russell,

The U.S. and Canada Have Blood on Their Hands in Honduras

October 22, 2016, by Grahame Russell,



Guatemalan election as an act of organized crime

June 17, 2019, by Francisco Goldman, New York Times,

Is justice possible in Canada or Guatemala for Hudbay Minerals mining repression?

By Grahame Russell, June 12, 2019,

U.S. mining company KCA extorting $300,000,000 from Guatemalan government via World Bank “arbitration institution”

May 28, 2019,

Maya Achi women, sexual violence war crimes trial in Guatemala

May 3, 2019, by Jo-Marie Burt & Paulo Estrada,

Canadian Companies Mining With The Genocidal Generals In Guatemala

By Grahame Russell, Rights Action, April 6, 2019,

Reading of the Names: Calling Forth of Massacred Loved Ones in Rio Negro

March 13, 2019,

Pan American Silver & Tahoe Resources try to operate violent, harmful mine in Guatemala, adding fuel to fire that forces 10s of 1000s of people to flee into exile, every year

Criminal investigation into Judge Ana Leticia Pena Ayala who acquitted Mynor Padilla, Hudbay Mineral’s former head of security, in mining-related murder and assault trial

September 21, 2018,

How Guatemala is sliding into chaos in the fight for land and water: The global economy operating normally in Guatemala

By John Vidal, The Guardian, 19 Aug 2018,

Hudbay Minerals corporate documents reveal extensive knowledge about and enabling of repression and corruption in Guatemala

By Grahame Russell, July 19, 2018,

Faces and places resisting State and corporate violence, corruption and impunity in Guatemala

Photos-text by Grahame Russell (and Catherine Nolin), June 17, 2018,

Nephew of plaintiff in Hudbay Minerals lawsuits beaten to death in Guatemala

By Heather Gies,, April 2018,

‘If we’re attacked, we’ll die together’

Los Angeles Times, December 2017,

Strength and peace in the sacred fire: Commemoration of killing of Adolfo Ich

September 27, 2017,

‘It sounded like Christmas day fireworks going off … and we knew the Army had killed them all’: Commemoration of 1982 “Los Encuentros” massacre

May 14, 2017,

1954 CIA Coup in Guatemala Effects Still Being Felt Today

June 27, 2016, by Grahame Russell,

U.S. Should Legalize Mexican and Central American Migrants Now

January 2, 2016, by Grahame Russel,

Famine and Hunger in Guatemala: The Pathological Interdependence of Feast and Famine in the Global ‘Free Trade’ Order

by Grahame Russell,

Jesús Tecú Osorio, The Río Negro Massacres

Translated to English, published by Rights Action, 2003,

Chixoy dam, displacement and development: Perspectives from Río Negro, Guatemala

By Nate Einbinder. Preface by Catherine Nolin; Epilogue by Grahame Russell


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