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“Is justice possible in Canada or Guatemala for Hudbay Minerals mining repression?”, by Grahame Russell, June 12, 2019,

“When mining companies work abroad, should justice follow them home?”, April 9, 2019, by Whitney Eulich & Sara Miller Llana,

“Canadian Companies Mining With The Genocidal Generals In Guatemala”, by Grahame Russell, Rights Action, April 6, 2019,

“Canadian mines have wreaked havoc in developing countries for decades. Finally, there’s hope for a solution”, Globe & Mail Report on Business, Feb.18, 2019,

“Indigenous women from Guatemala battle Canadian mining giant: Land defenders make history by challenging Hudbay Minerals in court”, Richochet media, January 24, 2018,

CBC documentary “In search of a perfect world”: Meet Guatemalans Angelica Choc & German Chub, their lawyer Murray Klippenstein, & Grahame Russell, taking Hudbay Minerals to court,

“Guatemalan women take on Canada’s mining giants over ‘horrific human rights abuses’”, The Guardian, December 13, 2017,

“The struggle continues between Q’eqchi’ communities and Hudbay Minerals”, Rabble news, December 1, 2017,

“’New era’: Canadian mining industry closely watching three civil cases alleging human rights abuses”, National Post, November 27, 2017,

“Ex-Hudbay Minerals’ security guard to be retried for murder in Guatemala”, Canadian Press/ Financial Post, September 15, 2017,

“Is Canada to Blame for Human Rights Abuses in Guatemala? Canadian mining firms are not held responsible for horrors inflicted on Indigenous communities by foreign subsidiaries. But a Toronto court could change that”, The Walrus, June 30, 2017,

“Attorney General, CICIG and Angelica Choc continue with criminal trial against ex-military linked to Hudbay Minerals” by Luis Solano, June 6, 2017,

“Ex-mine security head cleared of murder, assault against indigenous Guatemalans”, Mongabay, April 10, 2017,

“Guatemalan court acquits former Hudbay Minerals security guard of murder”, Canadian Press / CTV news, April 7, 2017,

“Guatemala murder acquittal could have far-reaching Canadian consequences”, Toronto Star, April 7, 2017,

“Klippensteins Barristers & Solicitors: Alleged Killer in Canadian Mining Company Lawsuit Acquitted in Guatemala”, MarketWired, April 6, 2017,

“Legal trends highlight human rights risks for miners operating abroad”, Canadian Mining Journal, April 1, 2017,

“Court to hear human rights case against Canadian mining company”, Vancouver Sun, March 9, 2017,

“Toronto’s buried history: the dark story of how mining built a city”, The Guardian, March 3, 2017,

“Holding Canadian Corporations Accountable for Guatemalan Human Rights Violation: Skye Resources and HudBay”, Council on Hemispheric Affairs, June 28, 2016,

“Mayan families’ quest for justice against Canadian mining company HudBay”, The Toronto Star, June 20, 2016,

“Wave of foreign lawsuits against local miners hits Canadian courts”, Business In Vancouver, April 19, 2016,

“Another Guatemalan Town Seeks Justice for Human Rights Violations”, The Progressive, April 13, 2016,

“Guatemalan Women’s Claims Put Focus on Canadian Firms’ Conduct Abroad”, The New York Times, April 2, 2016,

“Canadian miners violating human rights abroad need stricter supervision, MP says”, The Globe and Mail, April 5, 2016,

“A Legacy of Shame: Canadian Mining Companies Leave Behind Decades of Violence in Guatemala”, Intercontinental Cry, December 30, 2015,

“Canadian Mining Human Rights Abuses: What Justice Trudeau’s Liberal Party Win Could Mean for Latin America”, International Business Times, October 21, 2015,

“Why corporate social responsibility is now part of due diligence”, Financial Post, July 29, 2015,

“Guatemalan Villagers counter Hudbay’s denials”, CBC News: The National, May 27, 2015,

“Allegations of brutality highlighted by protest at Hudbay shareholders’ meeting”,, May 22, 2015,

“Joe Fresh, lawsuit must answer arms-length legal questions”, Financial Post, May 1, 2015,

“Commentary: The shifting liability landscape for Canadian miners abroad”, Northern Miner, April 29, 2015,

“Can Canadian mining companies be held accountable for alleged human rights abuses in Guatemala?”, United Church Observer, January 2015,

“Canadian mining companies face lawsuits over foreign activities”, National Post, December 10, 2014,

“Mining for the truth in Guatemala”, Maclean’s, July 8, 2014,

“Guatemalan plaintiffs file jury notice against Hudbay Minerals in Ontario”, Mining Weekly, December 12, 2013,

“Lawsuits against HudBay Minerals to proceed to trial by Ontario jury”, Canadian Business, December 12, 2013,

“HudBay case raises litigation risk for Canadian resource companies”, financial Post, October 30, 2013,

“Guatemalan plaintiffs in HudBay lawsuit allege interference”, Globe and Mail, October 24, 2013,

“HudBay won’t appeal ruling that Guatemala case can be tried in Canada: lawyer”, CTV News, August 30, 2013,

“Will Canadian companies be held responsible for their actions abroad?”, Globe and Mail, July 31, 2013,

“After HudBay ruling, Canadian firms on notice over human rights”, Globe and Mail, July 24, 2013,

“Lawsuits against mining company alleging shootings, gang rapes can go ahead in Canada”, Toronto Star, July 23, 2013,

“Guatemalan mine claims against HudBay can be tried in Canada, judge says”, The Globe and Mail, July 23, 2013, “Guatemalan mine claims against HudBay can be tried in Canada, judge says”

“Cash can’t buy HudBay peace: Money no problem, but legal, social troubles popping up”, Winnipeg Free Press, March 7, 2013,

“Not responsible for killing at Guatemalan mine, HudBay says”, The Globe and Mail, March 5, 2013,

“Amnesty International weighs in on HudBay case”, The Globe and Mail, March 5, 2013,

“Canada must lead in mining”, Ottawa Citizen, March 4, 2013,

“HudBay human rights case will be heard in Canadian courts”, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, February 26, 2013,

“HudBay’s Guatemalan lawsuits to proceed in Canada”, Toronto Star, February 25, 2013,

“Lawyer touts ‘breakthrough’ in HudBay lawsuit”, The Globe and Mail, February 25, 2013,

“HudBay to face human rights abuse allegations in Ontario”, Stockhouse, February 25, 2013,

“The Hudbay Minerals lawsuits: Clashing world views at the legal crossroads – ‘Avatar’ movie overlaps with a John Grisham novel”, by Grahame Russell, January 3, 2013,

“The Long Road”, CBC News: The National, December 3, 2012,

“Seeking Justice”, CBC News: The National, November 25, 2012,

“Lawsuit against mining firm brings Guatemalans to Toronto”, CBC News, November 27, 2012,

“Going Deeper Underground”, Corporate Knights, September 27, 2011,

“Unfinished Business”, CBC Radio, Sunday Edition, September 25, 2011,

“Firm hopes to keep HudBay lawsuits alive despite sale”, Canadian Lawyer In House, August 15, 2011,

“Guatemalan lawsuits to continue against HudBay, says lawyer”, Mining Weekly, August 10, 2011,

“HudBay to investigate gang rape allegations”, CBC News, March 29, 2011,

“Guatemalan widow’s lawsuit against HudBay could be precedent-setting”, Mining Weekly, February 18, 2010,

“Widow Files $12M suit against mining company”, CBC News, December 1, 2010,

“Guatemala Mining Lawsuit”, CBC As It Happens, December 1, 2010,

Documentary: CTV’s W5: Paradise Lost

Documentary: Violent Evictions at El Estor,

Documentary: “Defensora”, award-winning 40 minute film,



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