Extreme poverty, violence and the destruction of the environment in our world today are problems so overwhelming it is hard to believe they can be stopped.

Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala.

In Rights Action we know that a better world is possible. We know this because the most impoverished communities, those working to protect their environment and victims of political violence show us that the struggle continues, and there are real solutions.

  • Solution 1 – All Rights - To advance a healthy development model it is necessary to promote, protect and enforce all rights, individual and collective; economic, social, political and cultural.
  • Solution 2 – All Actors Accountable – These problems are the result of policies and decisions that benefit a very few people and make many suffer, carried out by specific people, and agencies with names. All actors who violate rights must be held responsible for actions and omissions that cause or contribute to violations.
  • Solution 3 – Understand - To address poverty, repression and enviro-destruction, we must take into account racism, sexism and global and historical perspectives.
  • Solution 4 – Community Action/ Global Movement - Community organizations that take action to defend rights and create alternatives are at the forefront of the growing movement to build a global community based on equality, justice and respect for the environment and all human rights.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Taking action to achieve solutions to the problems our worlds' and communities' face is Rights Action's mission. Here is how we do it:

  • Provide direct funding to community organizations to undertake projects designed, and implement by the beneficiaries themselves, emphasizing that any funding must contribute to strengthening community organizing.
  • Provides technical support for community organizations by facilitating the exchange of information, analysis, and skills between communities.
  • Accompanies right’s defenders who are at risk because of their work for justice, development or environmental protection.
  • Take the struggle home by identifying specifically the northern actors responsible for violations, and encouraging activism in the north to stop them.
  • Builds alliances between organizations, whether South-South partnerships, North-North or south-north, to strengthen social movements and fight for global equality, justice, human rights, environment and fair development model.

Mina Marlin. Sipakapa/San Miguel Ixtahuacán, San Marcos, Guatemala.

Rights Action (RA) work can be described in the following “Program Areas.” In all of these areas we fund community struggles, write articles and reports, coordinate speaking tours, accompany threatened activists, identify and pressure agencies responsible, etc.