Video playlist

Rights Action recommends this 13 minute film, showing just how repressive, oppressive and desperate the situation in Honduras is, ever since the military coup in June 2009...  ... and just how brave so many women are.

Photo video about the murder of Adolfo Ich by security guards HudBay Minerals Inc. also repression and dispossession of land affecting the inhabitants of the Maya Q'eqchi 'communities in Guatemala, by Canadian mining companies and their representatives.

Este documental, de Frauke Sandig y Enrico Black, acompaña a seis jóvenes maya en su vida cotidiana, sus ceremonias y su resistencia frente a los peligros que acechan a su cultura y su entorno. Narra sus historias que no sólo son personales y entrañables, sino que constantemente se sumergen en temas universales.

Produced by ECAP (Equipo de Estudios Comunitarios y Accion Psico-social), “Two Struggles for Justice” presents the stories of two groups of Mayan Q'eqchi’ women from the department of Izabal

Audio Interview With Grahame Russell About the Chixoy Hydro-electric Project in Guatemala.

Watch 3-minute interview. Grahame Russell of Rights Action, in Guatemala City, April 2013, outside the court house where former General Efrain Rios Montt was on trial for Genocide

A documentary by Alba sud and Rel-UITA about the land conflict in Bajo Aguán, Honduras. 30 minutes, in spanish with english sub-titles.

Al inicio de los años 80, durante el periodo más duro del genocidio Guatemalteco, un genocido apoyado por los Estados Unidos, el Banco Mundial y el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo invirtieron poco menos de mil millones de dólares en la construcción de la represa Chixoy. Treinta y dos comunidades Maya Achí fueron despojadas para abrirle paso a la represa y más de 400 personas fueron asesinadas.

"Resistencia” is about the farmers of Honduras' Aguan Valley who have been occupying 8,000 acres of palm oil plantations for almost three years, ever since the June 28, 2009 military coup overthrew the only president that ever supported them.  Sixty members and supporters of this occupation have been killed over this period, yet the farmers are still there, and we need to get their story out ASAP.  The Aguan should be as well known as Tahrir Square.  “Resistencia” has just been named a semi-finalist in the Cuban Hat Pitch Contest.

New film, 16 minutes, in English and Spanish. The film is about the Chixoy hydroelectric dam project, where thirty-two indigenous Mayan communities were forcibly and illegally displaced to make way for the dam, and hundreds of indigenous Mayan Achi people were massacred - mainly in the community of Rio Negro.