Education Materials

Sun, 2016-12-04

Please read (and print off) our year-end summary report. Please read in conjunction with the summary of funds sent to our partner projects, organizations and individuals

Tue, 2016-03-08

Funds are needed to support Berta’s family as they respond to this political crime/crisis situation and demand justice for the assassination of Berta and wounding of Mexican Gustavo Castro; and to support COPINH’s work for justice in this case, and their long-term work for territorial defense and indigenous rights, and fundamental transformation and change in Honduras.

Thu, 2015-12-10

After 21 years with Rights Action, I continue to be moved by the courage, tenderness and tenacity of people across Guatemala and Honduras (in Mexico, and elsewhere in the Americas) who keep on working and struggling in their home communities, and nationally and globally, in defense of community well-being, the environment and human rights for all.

Thu, 2015-06-18

Rights Action June 2015 Newsletter. Matching Donor Until July 15th, an anonymous donor will match (up to $30,000), tax-deductible donations in the U.S. and Canada.

Thu, 2015-02-19

"New famine", cries out the Guatemalan newspaper headline (La Prensa, February 7, 2015), threatening the lives of 874,000 people in 206 regions of the country.