Hudbay Minerals lawsuits: Seeking Justice for Rape, Murder and Repression in the Mining Industry

~ Thank-you & Summary ~

“[The Hudbay lawsuits have] sent shivers through the vast

Canadian mining, oil and gas industry”

(New York Times)

Thank-you to many people and institutions that donated money to help support the Mayan Q’eqchi’ people in their on-going efforts to seek justice and reparations in Canada (and separately in Guatemala) for the repression they suffered due to Hudbay’s mining operation in Guatemala from 2004-2011, including the gang-rapes of 11 villager women, the targeted killing of Adolfo Ich, and the shooting-paralyzing of German Chub.

Solidarity and support amongst Q’eqchi’ sisters, all victims of rape, all protagonists and plaintiffs in these lawsuits.  This day, they gather around Irma Yolanda who is taking a short break from a day and a half of grueling, detailed questioning by Hudbay’s lawyers (in a board-room just down the hall) about her rape, the burning and destruction of her entire village and other issues.


Below are links to photo-essays I prepared while working with and accompanying twelve Q’eqchi’ plaintiffs (and two newborn babies) in Toronto, November 6-25, as they participated –one by one– in examinations for discovery (day-long, oftentimes grueling questioning) by Hudbay’s team of lawyers, as part of these precedent setting lawsuits that were initiated in 2010.  Below, also, links to some related media reports.

On request, I can send a report on the use of funds to pay for most aspects of their trip to Toronto, including: three pre-trip preparation sessions in Guatemala; acquiring personal i.d. documents, then passports and visas; providing small family stipends for food while the mothers were away; buying suit-cases, extra clothing and shoes for the cold Toronto weather; travel, food and lodging in Guatemala, to and from their communities (8-10 hours from Guatemala City); food while flying north and south; travel, food and communication costs while in Toronto; etc.

Recent media coverage

Background piece

These amazing lawsuits and justice struggle are far from over.  The actual trial might be another 3-5 years off.  Along with the plaintiffs and Klippensteins lawfirm lawyers, Rights Action will be in it to the end.  The plaintiffs deserve justice and reparations in Canada.

Grahame Russell






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