The context in which we do our work

There is a deep and complex historic context to understand the causes of the problems (poverty and exploitation, racism, repression, environmental degradation, corruption and impunity) that our partner groups are suffering, resisting and struggling to change.  Our understanding and work have been influenced by many of the arguments set out in books like “Open Veins of Latin America”, by Eduardo Galeano.

There is a complex and intertwined local-to-global reality to the problems that our partner groups are suffering, resisting and working to change.  Rights Action is not working on “national” issues in Honduras and Guatemala.  The underlying causes of the problems are found at the local, national and international levels, all at the same time.

Policies and actions of the U.S. and Canadian governments, of the U.S. military, of North American companies and investors, and of intergovernmental institutions like the World Bank, oftentimes cause and benefit from repression, harms and violations, environmental degradation, corruption and impunity in Honduras and Guatemala.  Rights Action documents and denounces these “northern” policies and actions and directly funds and supports Hondurans and Guatemalans working and struggling for their collective and individual rights, and for Mother Earth, the environment.

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