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March 3, 2018, was the second anniversary of the assassination of Honduran indigenous, feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist leader Berta Caceres and attempted assassination of her long-time Mexican colleague and companero Gustavo Castro.  In the ‘Utopia’ center of COPINH (organization co-founded by Berta in 1992), Grahame Russell (Rights Action) stands with Mama Berta, four of Berta’s siblings (Gustavo, Hazel, Agostina, Roberto) and other Caceres-Flores family members.

No justice has been done in her case, yet … .  Meanwhile the U.S. and Canadian backed regime stole the fraudulent Nov.26, 2017 elections, over 40 pro-democracy protestors have been assassinated or killed by State forces, since then, and there are dozens of political prisoners illegally detain in abusive living conditions in militarized jails.

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Hudbay Minerals lawsuits: Seeking Justice for Rape, Murder and Repression in the Mining Industry


  • Links: Photo-essays about November 2017 cross-examinations (depositions) of 11 Q’eqchi’ plaintiffs in Toronto, Canada
  • Links: News & multi-media reports about Hudbay lawsuits

“[The Hudbay lawsuits have] sent shivers through the vast Canadian mining, oil and gas industry”

(New York Times)

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