Rights Action special fundraising newsletter, April 2017
Mining repression and impunity in Guatemala: Killers go free, Victims are accused

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Rob from the poor, Give to the rich

  • Below, a letter to the YWCA Metro Vancouver, Questioning why YWCA Metro Vancouver gave Goldcorp Inc. an “outstanding workplace” award and received a “philanthropic” donation?

Over the years, Rights Action – and other groups – have sent letters, such as this one, to a growing list of institutions in Canada (universities, arts centres, sports teams) that have received 10s of millions of dollars in donations from Goldcorp.

Goldcorp’s “philanthropy” and the silence and complicity of the recipients of millions of dollars, serve to further cover-up and provide Goldcorp with ever more impunity for the repression, harms and violations its mining operations often causes.

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(Angelica & German)                                      (German, getting in and out of court.)

Angelica Choc and German Chub are seen on December 1, 2016 at the court house in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, during closing arguments in the criminal trial against Mynor Padilla, a former officer in the Guatemalan Army and head of security for Hudbay Minerals and its Guatemalan subsidiary company CGN.

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